The heat

Alde technology

Established in 1949, Alde have always developed and manufactured their products at their base in Southern Sweden. Founder Alde Rask was determined to develop the ultimate hydronic heating system for caravans. That commitment to functionality, reliability and performance endures to this day.

Hydronic central heating


Hydronic central heating

The Alde technology is as sophisticated as the heating found in modern, high-tech homes.

The radiant, hydronic central heating offers many benefits:  

  • It heats every part of the caravan creating a homely warmth whatever the season
  • The glycol heating fluid circulates quietly around the vehicle ensuring peace and tranquility
  • Both gas and electric power sources can be combined when required, giving you hot water, fast
  • Low 12 V battery consumption, ensuring you and your batteries can go further
  • Pipes and radiators are mounted discreetly behind furniture, optimising available storage



Alde works in close partnership with Coachman. Each stage of the design process is reviewed to ensure heat output, ventilation and installation is as efficient and effective as it can be.

Coachman caravans are subject to cold chamber testing. During the test the caravan is cold soaked down to -15°C for ten hours. After this the caravan must heat up to 20°C within four hours and running water must be operational to achieve a Grade 3 pass.

Coachman share Alde’s uncompromising attitude to quality and customer satisfaction, which is why you will see Alde fitted in all 2020 Coachman caravans.