Broadriver-Horse Lodge (China) RV Co.


Broadriver Horse luxury leisure accommodation dealership is based in Beijing and is the first dealership of its kind in China. Broadriver Horse is a fully integrated leisure business covering the design, development, ownership and management of holiday parks; the import and sale of premium luxury brand leisure accommodation from Europe, where Coachman is the key luxury touring caravan range promoted and sold by the business. Broadriver Horse is leading the way in China in promoting the domestic leisure industry around holiday parks and the use of touring caravans and fixed accommodation. Broadriver Horse is bringing premium luxury brands to China along with an innovative approach to the market and a customer focused service that is second to none. The first 2 years of the dealership has seen very significant growth and Broadriver Horse are the "go to" business in China for expertise and quality leisure products and services.

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BR - RV Sales Center,
Beijing RV Exposition Center, No 1,
Danning Shanzhuang,
Fangshan District, Beijing,

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