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Top tips for canine vanners.

Vanning is the perfect solution for dogs who like to holiday with their humans. Many sites now come up to scratch and are suitable for even the most choosy of canines, but there are still a few things your human probably needs to keep in mind. They’re adorable, simple creatures, but most of them are intelligent enough to be trained.

They may be tempted to buy lots of gadgets and things from a pet superstore, which is sweet and keeps them occupied. But to make sure you all have a great trip, try printing out the following list and leaving it out for your human.

1. Find a vet
Before we set off, find the number of a local emergency vet. A nice one, please, and preferably one who'll talk to me in a funny, gruff voice.

2. Update details
Are the details on my collar and microchip file up to date? It's not usually worth giving a temporary address if we're only going to stay a few days, but include a mobile phone number. I may need human help dialling the number if I get lost, but at least I’ll then be able to reach you wherever you are.

3. Stock up on din-dins
Bring a stash of my usual food, please - the local shops or supermarkets may not be very discerning about what they stock. To be really honest with you, I don't actually care all that much, but I know it makes you feel good to keep dishing up my "favourite" nosh.

4. Know the dog-catcher
Find out contact details for the local authority dog warden. Sometimes humans struggle to keep up with us dogs as we explore our holiday surroundings, and before we know it, they've got lost. That’s when the nightmare figure of the dog warden comes out and preys upon us. Do your research – know our enemy and how to hunt him down.

5. Take pit-stops
While we're on the road, don't forget I like to stop every few hours to have a drink, stretch my legs and sniff the air. Be honest; you like it too. Thanks.

6. Choose your bed
Work out where you're going to sleep in the caravan. If you want the main bed to yourself and you don't bring my favourite bed or blanket, you can't really complain about me shedding hair on your lovely Coachman upholstery.

7. Protect my rep as a fearsome beast
Most sites will recognise my formidable, hunting, wild and adventurous nature and insist you keep me on a tether or in a crate when I’m outside, so I can't bring fear and terror to neighbouring vanners. Humour them.

Finally – have a very happy Christmas and may you enjoy many tasty morsels from the festive dinner table.

Posted: 26/11/2012 Other News

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