How I use my Coachman

How I use my Coachman

For Phil and Elaine Wilson, a Coachman caravan has allowed them to pursue an interesting hobby without sacrificing home comforts.

The couple have been showing dogs together since 1978. Specialising in Tibetan terriers, they are also judges of the breed, qualified to award Challenge Certificates at championship shows.

“We travel up and down the country to shows,” Phil said, “visiting all the major cities.”

They have a van to transport their seven Tibetan terriers and three pointers, but their own accommodation was not always up to the luxurious standards of a Coachman.

“We started off with a tent when we were younger,” Phil said, “then graduated to a trailer tent. Five years ago we bought a Coachman Pastiche 462, which we hitch up to the van.

“Our holidays are spent gadding about from show to show and meeting up with friends from the dog world. At show sites there’ll be hundreds of caravans all set up, with countless dogs.”

Elaine and Phil have bred seven champion Tibetan terriers and recently added three pointers to the family, one of which is a show champion.

Next year, Elaine will be a judge at Cruft’s. “It’s like getting to Wembley,” Phil said.

Much as the couple love their dogs, they have to be strict about allowing them to share the Coachman. All the canines sleep in the awning.

“Except for two pups,” Phil admitted. “They’ve wormed their way into the Coachman and now they sleep on our bed.” 

Posted: 01/05/2013 Other News

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