Sales success at Raymond James Caravans

Sales success at Raymond James Caravans

A recent sales show at Raymond James Caravans has been hailed a huge success after the Atherstone based dealers sold 44 new and used vans during the 10-day event – 14 of which were Coachman caravans.

The indoor event was organised to showcase the new season’s models and the team knew it would be a challenge to sell new caravans just before a major national show, but they remained undaunted.
Managing director Christopher Ball said: “The plans for the event were established two months ago with the knowledge that to try and sell new caravans in a period immediately prior to a National Show was going to be difficult.

“We started with an invitation only evening, carefully selecting our target audience, however a few days before, we began to realise that we were going to exceed our target of 200 guests and subsequently increased our catering to 250.

“In the event, in excess of 350 people came through the doors, at one stage a substantial queue had developed while we tried to welcome everyone and get their contact details. Credit to our caterers who produced a fabulous finger buffet without anyone realising that it had been stretched, loaves-and-fishes style, to feed the extra 100.”

The rest of the event proved to be just as busy, with unprecedented numbers of visitors arriving to view the 39 caravans on display. Visitor numbers were almost double those for last year’s event and resulted in the sale of 37 new and seven used caravans.

Posted: 26/09/2012 Other News

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